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This page is intended to be a collection of different interpretations and variants of 5e spells, whether official or homebrew. Unless otherwise stated, all mechanical constants and effects are assumed to be the same as the parent spell.

Arcane Hand[edit]

Hand of Darkness
A sinister spell which creates a large black hand with a glowing eye on its back that is covered in a beetle-like carapce and smells of brimstone.


Interestingly, it doesn't say how the fly spell allows creatures to fly, so the effect is up to you. The creature you touch could fly using "wings" made of magical energy, or use some sort of contragravity effect.

Ice Storm[edit]

Skull Storm
A spell which causes skulls to rain from the sky, inflicting necrotic damage instead of cold damage.

Magic Missile[edit]

Conjure Fists
Instead of firing darts, this version of the spell fires fists made of force that pummel creatures they hit.

Power Word Sit[edit]

Overwhelming Awe
Instead of a commanding a creature to take a seat with your voice, you radiate an aura of godlike awe that forces creatures to prostrate themselves before you.


Instead of using sand, you hurl a glob of mud at your target for the same effect.

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