Spell Balancing, Variant (5e Variant Rule)

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Variant Spell Balancing[edit]

This variant rule is made for vanilla 5e damage and hit point mechanics as written. Any variation on those might impede this rule's goal, which is to make spells deadly based on how many spell slots are available at the class level of being gained (as well as taking into account hit dice). This format is based off a table found in the DMG for balancing custom spells. You can make custom spells using these guidelines or use them to do some patchwork on existing spells.

Spell Level One Target Multiple Targets
Cantrip 1d10 1d6
1st 2d10 2d6
2nd 3d10 3d6
3rd 4d10 4d6
4th 7d10 8d6
5th 9d10 10d6
6th 12d10 13d6
7th 14d10 15d6
8th 16d10 18d6
9th 20d10 24d6

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