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Speech Scroll: This magitech scroll features a fanciful metal or wood casing, typically capped with a holy symbol or seal, rear ventilation, and a centered control cabinet which displays buttons and seemingly etched words on a sunken plate that change when the controls are touched. A scroll of this make features some form of harnessed intelligence, allowing it to memorize a certain amount of spoken or written word depending on it's creator's capabilities without any backtalk. The only bit of free will these devices have is weather or not to boost it's caster level so far as the highly prestigious magitech development society assures us.

This item functions exactly like a scroll, except for the following changes:


  • Can be made of metal or wood (price modifier for materials is Light Armor)
  • AC 11
  • 2 HP
  • Hardness 8
  • Break DC 11.

Intelligent item

  • Ego (2 + Storable spell levels + INT modifier)
  • Same alignment as creator's at the time of it's creation
  • Read Magic Ability
  • Read Languages Ability
  • No telepathic connections (suppressed)
  • Speech limited to memorized text and speech and is controlled via an assortment of buttons
  • Because a speech scroll has a compartment door, it may be trapped with spells as any other container would

Scribing a Speech Scroll

  • A speech scroll may "memorize" up to a number of levels of spells equal to it's CL/2 (round down).
  • A speech scroll may be scribed unattended by simply activating it and setting it somewhere in immediate view of the text that it is to copy.
  • One may alternatively activate the scroll and allow it to listen to a voice in order to be scribed.
  • If the text is being copied from a book or document with several pages that cannot be laied out in front of it, attendance is necessary to turn the pages.
  • Text may not be copied when the speech scroll cannot see the text clearly.
  • Text is copied at a rate of 1 page per round.
  • Speech may not be copied when the speaker cannot be heard clearly.
  • Scribing Trap Spells: Trap spells may be scribed to a speech scroll either textually or verbally, however, if they require to be read in order to activate, they lose their effect. Trap spells that are activated upon being read will be activated if the speech scroll attempts to copy them unless the speech scroll is written into the spell as one of the creatures that does not trigger it.

Casting with a Speech Scroll

  • The CL at which a speech scroll casts memorized spells is the minimum caster level at which they may be cast. The speech scroll may add up to its total INT modifier to the caster levels at which spells are cast at per day. If the it matches the player's alignment, the player may chose how to allocate the daily CL bonus pool, otherwise it should be left up to the GM's discretion.
  • To activate a spell from a speech scroll, it's wielder may either say the name of the spell in the language it was scribed or select it using the control buttons. This takes a move action, however the casting time will be carried out by the scroll unattended.
  • Spells without verbal components may not be cast by a speech scroll, unless they are silent because of use the of metamagic.
  • Spells cast are cast by the speech scroll, and thus affect everyone within spell's area aside from the speech scroll unless the spell is written to exclude the creature from being effected.
  • Spells used are forgotten by the speech scroll who cast them, and the memory space is freed to scribe new ones.

Market: 100,000 gp (+ 1.2% gp per additional caster level)

CL 15th or above; Craft Wondrous Item, Scribe Scroll, Craft (Metalworking) or Craft (Woodworking), imbue with spell ability; Weight: 2 lb.; Market Price: Varies

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