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Lesser Deity
Symbol: A spear and shield.
Home Plane: The Citadel of Celestis.
Alignment: Lawful Good.
Portfolio: Strategy, Tactics, Good, Law, War.
Clergy Alignments: Any Good.
Domains: War, Knowledge, Protection, Strength.
Favored Weapon: A longspear and shield.
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Sofia represents the planning aspects of war - strategy and tactics -, while Mengar represents slaughter and wanton destruction. Her Avatar resembles a lady in a red dress, wielding a longspear and shield, and it is these weapons which are her holy symbol.Her divine allies are Vasilios (Lawful Good Greater God of War, Wrath, Honor Justice, Good and Law) and Zenos (Neutral Good Intermediate God of Mercy, Healing and Martyrdom), while her divine enemies are Utiolth (Neutral Evil God of Death, Undeath, Shadow Murder, Darkness Caverns) and Mengar (Chaotic Evil Intermediate God of Slaughter, Berserkers and Wrath).


Sofia encourages strategy and planning, and as such her soldiers are often generals, strategists, and other such people. She enccourages both Law and Good, however, all those of Good alignment are invited to her clergy.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Sofia has a few temples, often small and out of the way, but these are regularly frequented by people wishing her blessing, and often hold a few of the Red Knights, Her order of paladins, who often help the Knights of the Shining Sword

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