Smish’s Smith Tools (3.5e Equipment)

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Smish’s Smith Tools: Craft Tool: Masterwork Smith Tools

These Masterwork Smith Tools have a dark red glow. They were originally created for the Great Dwarven Smith Smish whom made the most powerful weapons and armor for the leaders of the Army of Light. The Smith tools grants the user a Insight bonus of +15 to Craft: Armorsmith, Craft: Weaponsmith and Craft: Blacksmith.

When Smish's Smith Tools is used in tandum with Anvil of Holy Flames, the user gains a Moral Bonus of +10 to Craft: Armorsmith, Craft: Weaponsmith, and Craft: Blacksmith. The user is also able to do craft items in only half the time normally needed.

Strong (DC 19) evocation;CL 20th; Caster Level 20th,Craft Wondrous Item,Haste, and Ell's Great Effort(3.5e Spell).; Cost 17,500gp, 1,500 XP, 25 Days.; Activation: Continuous; Weight: 40 lb.; Market Price: 25,000gp

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