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Slaves Champion

You know how to use otherwise harmless to look tools with superior speed and accuracy. You master the Club, Dagger, Light hammer, Sickle, Darts, Sling and Whip and other improvised weapons like pitchforks and pickaxes. You gain the following benefits when using any of them:

  • Whenever you have advantage on a melee attack roll you make with the weapon and hit, you cause critical damage if the lower of the two d20 rolls would also hit the target.
  • Whenever you have disadvantage on a melee attack roll you make with the weapon, the target still takes 1 point of damage and any other effects that it would take on a hit, such as poisons and effects of magical weapons, if the attack misses but the higher of the two d20 rolls would have hit.
  • If a creatures moves within 20 feet from you and your weapon have the "thrown" property, you can use reaction to make a throw attack against it.
  • You are proficient with improvised weapons.

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