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Armor (Chain Armor), Very rare (requires attunement)

Gifted by the chaos deity of pleasure and pain Slaanesh knows the temperament of their followers and thus her blessing is as follows. The item looks like a large pile of iron chains and silver spikes when unwound the chains will wrap around the recipient requiting they pass a DC 15 strength and a DC 13 con save to unwind and then equip the incredibly sharp and uncomfortable armor(the spikes are on the inside of the armor itself) the chains cannot be equipped with any other armor(or possibly even clothes DM decision) and as part of the equipping process each of the chain and metal strips backed with spikes must be inset into your skin. When it is equipped you receive three separate benefits and one permanent flaw. The thick chain and metal spiked plates do provide natural armor of 15+ dex and the chain itself will wrap into the most effective armor for your body type or any changes you make such as polymorph. The chain harness can also be thrown or rather ripped out of your skin and thrown at a target within 30 ft it will automatically wrap around any large or smaller creature they must make a strength save of DC 18 or become wrapped instantly taking 3D8 magical piercing damage and repeating the save at the end of each round and a repeat of the damage as they are now restrained and grappled by the armor.

Kinked Charisma----"The blessings of Slaanesh are never wholesome but at least you look good doing it" you are gifted with a perfect body that never ages or is visibly not appealing you increase your charisma by 6 max of 26 and you may have use of the spell glibness replacing your charisma rolls with 15 plus your bonuses once per day for 10 minutes at a time

Crushing coils-----"Nothing is without price and pleasure in combat requires an equal process of pain" Your spikes dig into your skin and the chains wrap your limbs you have disadvantage on checks to jump or run quickly and your walking speed decreases by 5 feet

Unnerving presence----"bleeding,crying crunched between iron chain and silver spikes no one wants to see that" In combat your disturbing visage deters enemies from attacking you any non chaotic creature or sentient beast has disadvantage when attacking you they can overcome this upon their first strike that hits you but any lawful creatures are unable to overcome your pain wracked appearance.

Sickening flaws of Slaanesh roll 1D6 to determine when armor is equipped you are unnatural something is utterly wrong with your body and mind

1."Your mouth and face warps" Your eyes turn sickly yellow and your tongue grows lines of long spikes in addition to almost doubling in size this unnerving appendage can be used as a melee weapon dealing 1D8 damage on a hit but this is highly disturbing and obvious as a mutation

2. "Your head is enshrined to chaos the filth inside your brain manifests" You grow a pair of massive black and red colored horns from the back of your head pointing directly up from the back of your head they continue along and down your neck these horns can manifest a black eye between them that can cast a 3rd level chaos bolt once per day

3."You are bathed in chaos affecting your skin and body overall" Your skin turns a shiny thick shade of pink this extends all over your body and turns your eyes black giving you superior dark vision up to 120 feet the skin is tough and rubbery like a thin latex suit pierced by your armor

4."Your mental capacity is drained by Slaanesh"You roll once on the minor insanity effect table it lasts for as long as you do not have the chains attached to you additionally you have disadvantage on wisdom checks against charm effects

5."Chaos grants sick boons to your body changes accordingly" you grow a massive two pronged bone tipped tail that extends down your back it is able to attack dealing 1D10 damage per hit

6. Roll twice and get both effects ignore another 6

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