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Alignment. Chaotic Good
Domains. Tempest, War
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

While not the most worshiped of deities, Sirius is still regarded by many as a goddess that is not to be trifled with. Also known as the Dog Queen, Sirius is a goddess of justice, protection, faith, and retribution. She is often quick to send justice upon the wicked, even if her methods aren't always seen by others as sound.

While she resides within the same realm as deities such as Heironeous or Trithereon, Sirius has a very different outlook on good and evil than most deities. She learned several millennia ago that good cannot exist without evil, and vise versa, in the same way, a predator cannot survive without prey. There is a balance to maintain; in her eyes, this balance is that evil shows up and good eventually knocks it down. One cannot subsist without the other; evil is not entirely eradicated, merely kept under control. Naturally, this view is not popular among many other good deities and is the most heated area of disagreement among clerics. Many of the gods don't take her seriously, as she is one of the younger deities. Many clerics of other good deities compare Sirius to a rebellious teenager, as many of her actions and wishes directly go against those of other gods. While she and her followers acknowledge that the rules are there, they also believe that sometimes the rules just don't cut it.

Most of her followers portray Sirius as a young woman, mid to late teens, with shorter, unkempt, mahogany colored hair and a slight tan. Her face would look like that of many maidens of a royal family, except for a large scar drawn across her right eye and, instead of a dress, she wears a heavy, black tinted suit of full-plate armor. She carries a long sword whose guard is shaped in a wolf's snout and a shield with a growling, feral-looking canine decorated on it. Inspiring her name the "Dog Queen," she is almost always depicted flanked by her steads and loyal servants; a pack of vicious, wolf-like dogs. While she rarely intervenes directly, she has occasionally come into the mortal realm to smite the wicked in the form of a large dog or a dire wolf. To the elves, she is known as Alani Lolothi, or Dog Mother, and is largely the same, except she is described as having curly, ash blonde hair tied in a ponytail and having silvery armor. Her personality is one of the driving forces for the teen comparisons, as she is depicted by both elves and humans to be heavily sarcastic and a little childish at times. However, in times of great distress or darkness, she quickly turns into a bloodthirsty, battle-hungry warrior prepared to rain destruction on evil. This doesn't mean, though, that she is above forgiveness.

Few temples allow the worship of Sirius on their grounds, as she is not easily taken seriously by other clerics, so much of her worship is restricted to private masses or solo prayers. Because of this, her followers are not easily recognized immediately. But while she isn't prayed to in the temples, generally her worship is allowed outside temple grounds.

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