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Single Class Progression[edit]


Single Class Progression is a replacer for the base 3.5E class system. In fact it bear a lot of likeness with the system of the 2nd and 1st editions. You can only progress in the class (or set of class) you chosen in the beginning. Goodbye optimization!


You can only advance in the class or set of class you established in the beginning. Except for prestige class see below.


Despite it name, single class progression don't disallow multiclassing. It work a bit like Gestalt but with few difference.

Multiclassing Rule[edit]

  • Hit Point Dice is a medium of both (or three) class and round up or down to the closest dice. (by example a Fighter/Wizard, <math>(10+4)/2=7</math> round up so 8) the final dice cannot exceed the double the lowest dice in the multiclass combo (someone with a wizard multiclass cannot exceed d8).
  • 30% XP penalty for any multiclass, you must pursue two path after all.
  • Retain most the penalties (such as Wizard lack of armor).
  • Alway use best saves.
  • Skills same for hit points.

Triple Multiclassing[edit]

Same as base multiclassing but:

  • XP penalty increase to 50%, making level up twice longer.

Class Limitation[edit]

Some class have difficulties multiclassing, due to focus or other factor.

Those class are from LoD Campaign Setting.

Strong multiclassing: can multi class with strong and weak. Weak multiclassing: can only multiclass with strong. None: can't multiclass.

Prestige Class[edit]

Prestige class are the only exception to the rule. Prestige classes uses a special set of rules:

  • Prestige class can only be taken at level 10
  • Prestige Class take the place of the base class and you can never return to the base class (but you still retain your former class level, by example: lvl 10 Warrior, lvl 1 Paladin).
  • You can only have one prestige class.
  • In multiclass, the prestige class replace one class, but this class must be associated with the prestige class (warrior → paladin but no arcanist → paladin).

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