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Simple Bleeding Rules[edit]

This variant introduces rules for taking damage from bleeding and is meant for a darker-toned, roleplay focused game in order to make combat more dangerous, and encourage character interactions during battle aftermaths. These rules are designed to take as little time as possible away from the action while allowing a more realistic simulation of the dangers of wounds.

Whenever a character takes physical damage greater than (Constitution Modifier + Character Level) the wound they have suffered is now bleeding. A critical hit will always leave a bleeding wound regardless of the damage dealt, and creatures immune to critical hits will never bleed from wounds.

A bleeding character takes 1d6 damage per wound at the end of each minute until they receive a DC (12 + 3 per wound to be healed) heal check. This check takes one full minute to administer during which time the patient will not take bleeding damage (so once the check is passed the patient will not suffer any more damage) although a failed check will result in the patient taking damage as normal for that minute. Cure X wounds spells (though not their mass equivalents) can also be used to cure bleeding by expending 3 points of healing for every wound that is to be closed. Healing potions do not have this effect unless their full contents are poured onto the bleeding area.

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