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For those times when you need to hold a private conversation, or when you need to soundproof a room, or when you just want some peace and quiet, the Shut Up Statuette is ideal.

In appearance, it is a ceramic statue six inches tall of a man standing on a soapbox, yelling his head off. But the man's neck is on a pivot- when the head of the statue is turned completely backwards, the statuette emits a spherical Silence effect 1 inch thick in a five foot radius from the soapbox portion of the statue. Since the effect only extends for an inch, it effectively halts all noise coming into or out of the radius but still allows conversation inside. Perfect for hushed business deals, covert meetings, and practicing the bagpipes in an apartment block. Twisting the head back to its original position shuts off the effect.

Though it looks to be made of simple potter's clay, a Shut Up Statuette is actually made of a much tougher form of ceramic, vaguely resembling that used to make heat-resistant tiles for spacecraft. It is extremely hard to break, but if one is broken, it emits a 10-foot radius of Silence in the location that is almost impossible to dispel (DC 35) and lasts for 1d6 days.

Type: Wondrous Item; Caster Level: 5th; Purchase DC: 30; Weight: 1 pound.

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