Shield of Grasping Arms (4e Equipment)

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Shield of Grasping Arms Level 8+ {{{rarity}}}
This shield’s iron surface depicts many humanoid arms, all entwined together. When an enemy attacks the wielder these arms unfold and reach out to grab the attacker, holding him in place.
Level 8 3,400 gp
Level 18 85,000 gp

Item Slot: Arms
Power ♦ Encounter (Immediate Reaction)
Use this when an enemy attacks you in melee. You make a grab attack against the enemy that attacked you. You do not need a free hand to make this grab attack, but you do need to be holding this shield, and must continue to hold the shield for as long as you sustain the grab.

Level 18: You gain a + 4 bonus to the grab attack.


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