Shield Bashing (5e Variant Rule)

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Shield Bash[edit]

Creatures that are proficient in shields can use a shield as an improvised melee weapon with the Light quality that deals 1d6 + Strength modifier bludgeoning damage. A creature is not considered proficient when attacking with a shield in this way.

The type of damage dealt by shields can be changed if the shield is modified. For example, a spiked shield deals piercing damage, or a shield with sharpened edges can deal slashing damage. Buying a shield with such a modification or modifying an existing shield usually costs an additional 15 gp.

Characters who gain the Fighting Style class feature in a class that has proficiency in shields may select the Shield Bashing fighting style.

Shield Bashing (Fighting Style)[edit]

Whenever you succeed in shoving a creature while wearing a shield, the creature also takes damage as if you had hit it with an attack using a shield.


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