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Wondrous Item, Legendary (Attunement Required)

At first it appears to be a tattered red scarf. Once attuned, any tears or blemishes it has disappears. Activating the scarf requires an action. In order to be able to activate it again, you must complete a long rest. When activating the scarf, you must roll 1d8. You may dismiss any effect as an action. The effects are as follows.

Upon rolling a 1 or 2, the scarf becomes Shu Yin. The scarf transforms into a beautiful scimitar of speed that deals 1d12 bonus poison damage. Additionally, you gain the haste spell active for 1 minute.

Upon rolling a 3 or 4, the scarf becomes Blue Crystal. The scarf transforms into a coil of blue energy around the user's neck. Additionally, a flurry of 3d6 birds flies around you. You may copy the natural abilities of any creature that has died in the last 24 hours; your size does not change. If the creature has different eyesight or movement than you, you have those instead. You also gain the natural armor, natural attack, and any other special abilities (Beholder's eye rays or a Dragon's Breath) the creature possessed.

Upon rolling a 5 or 6, the scarf becomes A Thousand Graves. The scarf transforms into yellow energy. All beasts, dragons, elementals, fey, or undead that you choose gain the haste spell effect. Their natural attacks increase by 1 die size (1d6->1d8->1d10->1d12, etc.), gain 10 temporary HP, and may attack with their bonus action.

Upon rolling a 7 or 8, the scarf becomes Ming Wang Xing. Once activated, the scarf goes into the user's right eyes, turning it purple.

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