Shay Phobos (5e Deity)

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Shay Phobos[edit]

Alignment. Good
Domains. Life, Light
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Shay Phobos is the wife of Dalsethel Phobos, and, like most wives, serves as his balance. She, like him, was not born immortal but rather was made immortal by him in an ancient ceremony. She and her family, which includes Dalsethel, herself, and her twin boys (see the twins, demigod) live in a world that humans and other similar races, such as dwarves and elves, never evolved, with anthromals of just about every mammalian species taking their place. Shay herself is a gazelle. She tends to not think of herself as a goddess, preferring the term immortal, however, her power can't be denied by anyone. She presides largely over the school of enchantment, and bards that follow the Givers Family tend to focus their odes on her. Artifacts commonly related to her are Crystal wands and dreamwood staves. Prayers to her often are focused around a loved one returning safely, a sentiment she used to share when it came to her husband before she found out about his immortality.

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