Shatter Shield (5e Equipment)

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Glass shield from Skyrim

Armor, Rare (no attunement required)

This shield is made completely of glass, originally created by a drunk enchanter looking for an easy laugh. This piece of armory had proved oddly useful in suicide attacks. It always seems on the edge of breaking from some blow; yet, when it does, it deals devastation. Those who wield it must therefore be extremely careful of its double edge quality.

When worn, a shatter shield grants +2 to AC like a regular shield. It has 3 charges. Whenever you are attacked, the shield loses a charge. If the last charge is expended, the glass shatters in an explosion of razor sharp magic glass. All creatures within 10 feet of the explosion, you included, take 3d6 magical piercing damage. If you retain at least one of the shield shards, you may complete a 1-hour ritual every day for the next 7 days to reform the shield.

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