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Shadow Illusion [General]

Your images are imbued with material from the Plane of Shadow, making them partially real.
Prerequisite: Illusionist 8
Benefit: Shadow Illusion (Su): An illusionist with this feat is able to infuse some of her figment spells (mentioned below) with material from the Plane of Shadow, making them partially real. The subschool of these spells changes from figment to shadow. An illusionist with this feat can use the altered spell to mimic any sorcerer or wizard conjuration (summoning), conjuration (creation), or evocation spell at least one level lower than the illusion spell. The altered spell functions identically to the shadow conjuration or shadow evocation spell (particularly in the sense that, if believed, it deals 100%, full effects on its targets), except that the spell’s strength equals 10% per level of the figment spell used (when disbelieved).

If the image made is simply a construct not intended for battle use, such as a magical stone elevator, it is stable and can hold up to 10 times your Caster-Level for every foot it has in depth while in contact with a stable structure, and the construct itself weighs 1/10th of a pound per cubic foot, but is unaffected by natural winds, quakes, or other natural disasters (magic-induced disasters will affect it normally. It is inflammable in reality, though it may appear to burn if the image is of something flammable. Unless through a spell that could normally lift its weight, a construct made using Shadow Illusion cannot fly through the image spell itself - though it can travel (at a rate of 20'/round) horizontally, diagonally, or vertically along a smooth surface as long as it remains in its area of effect. Due to its magical nature, Shadow Stuff is as tough as Adamantine, almost as light as air, but cannot leave the area of effect initially specified by the caster.

If the image made is food or water, it will sustain someone until they leave the area of effect, at which time their bodies behave as though they hadn't actually eaten anything.

An illusionist with this feat who uses silent image to create an acid splash effect would deal 10% of the normal damage to a creature that succeeds on its Will save to disbelieve the shadow, and would deal 100% damage to a creature that fails its will save. If she used programmed image to mimic summon monster V, the creature would have 60% of the hit points of a normal creature of its kind (regardless of belief), and its damage would be 60% normal against a creature that succeeds on its Will save to disbelieve or 100% against a crature that fails its will save. While calculating the damage, you would roll it normally and multiply it by the decimal version of the percent. In example, 60% of 100 is the same as .6 times 100, which is 60. As usual, you must round down. If you rolled 11 damage using a 9th level Silent Image spell (using Heighten Spell or some combination of other metamagic feats), you would multiply it by .9. You get 9.9 as a result, and you deal 9 damage.)

An illusionist whom applies this feat to Mirror Image or Greater Mirror Image casts the spell as a spell 2 levels higher than normal as though affected by a Metamagic Feat. Referring to the previous example of using a 9th level Silent Image to cast Acid Splash, if you had previously cast a Mirror Image Spell and created 4 Images, you would choose (before rolling) whether to multiply your rolled damage by 5 (# of Images + 1 (Yourself)), or to roll the equivalent dice separately. Choosing to multiply your rolled damage, you would multiply 11 x 5 = 55, and then take 90% of that, 55 * .9 = 49.5, round down, 49 Damage. In the case of Damage Reduction, the damage acts as though it came from one source due to the fact that the multiple projectiles have all stemmed from the casting of Mirror Image.

Ghost Sound can't be effectively used unless you use metamagic to raise it to a higher spell level because there is no spell level less than 0 in any official material. Even if you use, creatures with sight that lack knowledge of the Invisible Spell feat gain a +10 bonus to their Will Save because they can't see it and are therefore are less likely to believe it. The spell's function can be compared to a Minor Image spell with the Invisible Spell Metamagic Feat applied to it, but cannot be seen even with a True Sight casting because there simply is nothing to see due to the illusory properties of the Shadow Plane.
Normal: Ghost Sound, Silent image, minor image, mirror image, major image, persistent image, and programmed image all work as it says they do in their spell descriptions.
Special: It is not possible to make anything with over 100% reality when disbelieved.

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