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This page contains adult content which some may find offensive.
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This is an attempt at a collecting of homebrew rules that collectively provide mechanics for characters having sex and related events. Each section of this article should be a compartmentalized rule, DMs can use some, all or none of these rules without majorly changing balance.


As a rough guide, when a female character engages in sexual intercourse, a simple DC 20 con check will determine if fertilization takes place. Circumstances which promote fertilization reduce the DC of the con check, circumstances which inhibit fertilization require a percentile die to be rolled before which determines if the con check is even rolled. For example

Effectiveness Contraceptive Method Skill check to make Price
70% Wild Carrot Seed Infusion DC 20 Craft (Alchemy) 25gp
70% Non-latex Barrier DC 25 Craft (Alchemy) 30gp
40% Pomegranate Seeds N/A 2gp for Fruit
20% Mage Armor (Spell) N/A N/A
05% Resistance (Spell) N/A N/A

To randomly determine if the fertilization results in twins for human-like races roll a percentile die and consult the following table. Randomly determining the number, gender and such of the children is not necessary and up to those involved.

d% Single Birth Table
01-75 Single Birth
76-100 Roll on Twin Table
d% Twin Table
01-50 Non-identical Twins
51-99 Identical Twins
100 Identical Triplets (or higher)


The status of being pregnant offers no great penalties or bonuses. A character that has training for her class is assumed to be able to continue fulfilling the same role mechanically, for the most part.

A pregnant character that takes massive damage must make a second DC 15 Fort save or loses the child. A pregnant character that is reduced to -1 to -9 HP and dying must make a DC 10 Fort save when they become stable or lose the child.

Should need arise, another character can attempt a DC 20 Heal check to deliver the child up to a month early, typically in the case of a badly injured mother. The mother must be stable or have positive HP and the check requires 1 minute. A failure in the heal check brings the mother to -1 HP and dying. The mother becomes Exhausted.

Normal childbirth requires either a DC 10 Con check from the mother or DC 15 Heal check by anyone assisting. The mother becomes Exhausted.

Pregnancy in other Humanoid Races[edit]

A pregnancy will end roughly nine months after fertilization in a human. For other races, this time scales up due to increased size category and natural life span and scales down due to smaller size category and shorter natural life span. If there is a difference between the race of the child from the race of the mother, use the child's race to determine the term.

Pregnancy Term Term Modifier
9 months Human (Medium size, Adult at 15 years)
Subtract 2 weeks Every year under 15 for Racial Adult age
Add 1 week Every year over 15 for Racial Adult age
Reduce by 25% Every size category smaller than medium
Increase by 33% Every size category larger than medium


Perform (Eroticism)[edit]

A new category of Perform is added: Eroticism. This includes activities from trying to please your lover, or to earning coin plying the oldest profession, to performing a risqué dance or especially pleasurable foreplay. Lovers don't need to roll Perform (Eroticism) checks unless they are attempting to do something out of the ordinary, such as leaving a good impression. Should a character wish to earn coin in such a manner, the rules regarding earning month with a performance suffice. A bard using Perform (Eroticism) for bardic music is mechanically balanced but may not agree in tone with some campaigns.


Should the target of a Perform (Eroticism) have a kink they prefer, using it in the act grants a +2 circumstance bonus, much the same that a masterwork instrument would. Typically, a kink will require either an item of small value (100 gp or greater if reusable or 10 gp if one use) or require a secondary skill check, such as Tumble or Use Rope, DC 10. You cannot take 10 on the secondary skill check, much like an aid another.

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