Selo's Accelerando (5e Spell)

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Selo's Accelerando
Transmutation cantrip
Casting time: 1 Full Round
Range: 30ft
Components: V, S, M (a drum or other percussion instrument)
Duration: Performance (See Text)

Selo's Accelerando slightly increases all modes of movement for the caster and up to six creatures of the caster's choice within range of the spell. An affected creature's base movement speed is increased by 5ft each round the caster performs this spell.

While usable anywhere, the spell is most effective in open environments and wildernesses. The rhythms played to generate this spell are very loud and very brash, audible out to a range of 300ft. In a town or other heavily settled region, the caster is likely to gain the attention of angry villagers and citizens. In a dungeon, monsters are drawn to the caster like flies on a corpse in the sun. The caster and all affected allies gain disadvantage with any Charisma-based ability check while the spell is in effect. and the disposition of creatures not affected by this spell is immediately shifted down one category (Friendly becomes neutral becomes hostile, in that order).

The effects of this spell do not stack with any other magical increase to movement, such as Longstrider or Expeditious Retreat. Only the greatest increase to movement speed is in effect, while the other increase is suppressed as long as the more powerful effect is active.

At the end of each round, including on the round the spell is cast, the caster must make a successful Performance check (DC equals the caster's spell save DC). On a successful check, the spell remains in effect for an additional round. On a failed check, the spell ends instantly. The caster makes this check with disadvantage if they were damaged by a creature or if the caster if forced to make a saving throw. The caster must choose which creatures are affected by this spell and the end of every round, and if a creature leaves the spell's range, the increase to their movement ends at the end of the action taken to remove themself from the spell's range.

At Higher Levels. This spell’s movement increase improves by 5ft when you reach 5th level (10ft), 11th level (15ft), and 17th level (20ft).

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