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Every form of key can be considerated as hir symbol, but this one is more presently pictured.

Alignment. Lawful Neutral
Domains. Knowledge
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Secretist is the minor agender deity which guards the deepests secrets from this world. It's hir duty to decide what must be hid and what must be seen, when and by who. When the first human required to hide something from the others, Secretist came to them and gave the person hir seven sacred keys: secrets could exist since the human preservated them. The Seven Keys were made, respectively, of: gold, silver, tin, iron, platinum, adamantite and cynnabryl. Actually, they're lost for a very long time. This was the last time Secretist have been seen, but they are supposed to live in the "another side of the mirror".

Most of Secretist's followers don't appresent them as a physical thing, but when it's done, they can be either present as a man or woman (a man personification is most common itself) with golden eyes and a key on their neck, never touching the ground. Because of that, every follower of Secretist wears a key or has a key tattooed on their neck.

Secretist is unknown to other deities, hiding hirself as much as zhe can. Zhe has very little followers, who usually do their cults on the occult. Those who are more adept to him often tattoo a key around their right eye, "to see which is hidden". Secretist's followers obligatorily have "deception" as one of their proficiencies.

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