Scholar's Passion (5e Spell)

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Scholar's Passion
2nd-level Transmutation (ritual)
Casting time: 1 action
Range: Touch: 1 book, scroll, or document.
Components: S, M (a drop of black ink)
Duration: Instantaneous

2nd-level transmutation (ritual)

This spell is used by scholars and scribes to assist them in their work and to care for their books. A wizard creates one of the following effects:

  • This spell creates a perfect duplicate of any written or drawn document that you touch onto blank pages you supply. You can copy up to 20 pages of text with one casting of this spell. Magical writing, including spellbook pages, can’t be copied with this spell.
  • This spell copies and translates any text that you touch onto blank pages you supply. You can copy up to 20 pages of text with one casting of this spell. This spell can copy the text into any language the caster is capable of understanding.
  • With this spell you can touch a book or scroll and absorb the knowledge contained within as if you had just read it. This is equivalent to a solid reading but not deep study— the caster does not gain perfect recall of the information, just whatever they would have gotten from reading it completely once. If you can't read the language of the source, the spell has no effect. This spell cannot be used to prepare spells or to cast magical scrolls, nor does it have any effect when reading a magical book (such as a tome of understanding).
  • This spell will completely repair and clean a mundane book or scroll given that greater than half of the original is still available. It will even restore missing or faded pages. The spell has no effect on a magic book, spell scrolls or spell books.
  • This spell will animate a book giving it a mouth and voice to read its pages aloud. The book will speak until finished or told to be quiet.
  • This spell will animate a quill and ink. The quill will take dictation or write any conversation made within 30 feet of it for up to a length of 4 hours.

This homebrew spell was influenced by spells from older editions such as Scholar's Touch (1st level), and Amanuensis (0 level).

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