Savage Hunter (Pathfinder Archetype)

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Savage Hunter (Barbarian Archetype)[edit]

The Savage Hunter trades in a Barbarian's Rage for some Ranger class features.

Favored Enemy: A Savage Hunter gains Favored Enemies as a Ranger of his Barbarian level. This replaces Rage, Greater Rage, and Tireless Rage.

Combat Style: A Savage Hunter gains Combat Style feats as a Ranger of his Barbarian level, plus an additional one at level 20. This replaces all Rage Powers and Mighty Rage.

Table: Savage Hunter

Level Class Feature
1st Fast Movement, 1st Favored Enemy
2nd Uncanny Dodge, Combat Style Feat
3rd Trap Sense +1
4th -
5th Improved Uncanny Dodge, 2nd Favored Enemy
6th Trap Sense +2, Combat Style Feat
7th DR 1/-
8th -
9th Trap Sense +3
10th DR 2/-, 3rd Favored Enemy, Combat Style Feat
11th -
12th Trap Sense +4
13th DR 3/-
14th Indomitable Will, Combat Style Feat
15th Trap Sense +5, 4th Favored Enemy
16th DR 4/-
17th -
18th Trap Sense +6, Combat Style Feat
19th DR 5/-
20th 5th Favored Enemy, Combat Style Feat

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