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Saiyan Great Ape[edit]

"A giant ape which appears without notice but is never seen during the day."


Saiyan Great Apes as very aggressive and seek to destroy anything they set their eyes on. If it's in front of them they will want to smash it. However a strong willed saiyan can retain their mind after this transformation in which the strength of the great ape is now driven by a careful mind.

Saiyan Great Ape Lore[edit]

DC 15 History: A Saiyan that has gazed upon the full moon will soon transform into a Great Ape given they still have their tail.

DC 25 History: Seering the tail of a Sayian Great Ape will cause the sayain to revert back to normal.

Saiyan Great Ape[edit]

Saiyan Great Ape
Level 20 Solo Brute
Gargantuan Natural Beast
XP 2,800
HP 240, Tail(120); Bloodied 120, Tail(60) Initiative +16
AC 33; Fortitude 40, Reflex 30, Will 28 Perception +13
Speed 7 Low-light Vision-
Saving Throws +5; Action Points 2
Sudden Appearance ♦ Aura 25
Enemies that enter or start their within the aura must make a Wisdom DC 17 save. Failing the save makes you Surprised until end of next turn. You make this check every turn until saved. If saved you are immune to this aura for 24 hours.
Standard Actions
Basicmelee.png Smash ♦ At-Will
Attack: Close Blast 5 (creatures in blast) +20 vs. AC
Hit: 3d6 + 5 damage
Area.png Mouth Beam ♦ Recharge D6 (6).png
Attack: Ranged Blast 3 (creatures in blast); +16 vs. Reflex
Hit: 3d10 + 10 damage
Minor Actions
Close.png Mighty Roar ♦ Recharge D6 (6).png
Attack: Close Blast 10 (creatures in blast); +15 vs. Will
Effect: Creatures in blast become stunned until the end of your next turn.
Triggered Actions
Trigger: Loss of tail
Effect: Revert back to Saiyan.
Str 29 (+19) Dex 23 (+16) Wis 17 (+13)
Con 24 (+17) Int 10 (+10) Cha 10 (+10)
Alignment Unaligned Languages Common (Languages the Sayian knows)

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