Ritual of Remembrance (4e Ritual)

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Ritual of Remembrance[edit]

You share your gift with another of your kind; an escape from the cycle of death and amnesia, from the cycle of always forgetting who you are and why you exist.

Level: 26 Component Cost: 50,000 gp, plus 5 healing surges
Category: Restoration Market Price: 300,000 gp
Time: Six hours Key Skill: Heal
Duration: Instantaneous

This ritual can only be cast by a deva who has already undergone the ritual (and is a Ritual Caster), or by an Avatar from the Patronage Campaign Setting. The ritual can only be cast on a willing deva who voluntarily remains within sight of the caster for the entire six hours is takes to cast the ritual. If the ritual is cast on any other creature, it has no effect, although the components and healing surges are still spent.

Upon casting, the deva recipient of the ritual dies, but reincarnates within d10 days at the site of the casting. From that point forward, the deva will always reincarnate at the location of the casting. Moreover, upon reincarnation, the deva will remember everything about his or her past lives from the point the ritual was cast, though not anything from before receiving the ritual. This effect continues for as long as the deva exists. The ritual does not prevent a deva from becoming a rakshasa upon reincarnation. In fact, many devas find that the burden of remembering all one has experienced in each life makes it more difficult to eventually avoid the fate of becoming rakshasa.

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