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Ritual Master

Prerequisites: Ability to cast at least one ritual spell
Through learning and practice, you make the rituals you perform more powerful. When you cast a spell as a ritual you may spend an additional 5 minutes casting it. If you do so, choose one of the following effects and apply them:

  • If the spell has a duration that is not instantaneous, you double the duration of the spell.
  • If the spell has a radius that it affects, you increase the radius of the spell by half that radius.
  • if the spell would have you choose targets other than self, you choose additional targets for the spell up to half the number of original targets rounded up (minimum one).
  • You may imbue the spell onto a non-magical item that you hold for the duration of the casting. One person holding the item you imbued the spell into has the ability to use that spell once. The item loses the spell after 12 hours regardless of if it has been used or not. Once you use this ability, you can't so do again until you finish a short or long rest.

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