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This class is a specialization of the rogue class.

A woman runs frantically down a winding way between tightly crowded brick buildings. There are people walking here, but none seem to notice or pay her any mind. She runs like a wounded deer, fear wild in her eyes. She turns to no one for help, tells no one of her plight. They keep their eyes averted as a suave singularity stalks after her. No matter how quick her steps paced, that pursuer never seemed to be lost. At last, weary and cornered behind the local bakery, the woman collapses at the rear entrance step and calls out feebly for help. The owner locks the door in response. The cat closes in on the mouse. She gazes in horror at her executioner: a tall man in a simple trench-coat and fedora. Scream as she may, no voice comes out. He plunges his weapon of choice, a dagger into her diaphragm, tearing to the side. Crimson splatters all over the walls of the enclosure as he brutally shreds the life from her body. A few moments later, a man in dark clothing emerges from the alley with his prize in his pocket. His magic dark clothing conceals the blood staining his body as well as its stench as he melds seamlessly back into the crowd, looking for a new target.

There's something about a ripper that defies all logic. They cause death and fear so brazenly, indiscriminately, yet are never really caught. When pursued by the law, their presence washes away in the rain, like they never existed in the first place. People will often pass them over on the street and not think a second thought about the bloodied hands they just shook. A dark magic lies at the core of rippers, allowing them to cause acts of great brutality in highly populated areas without so much as a shrug from the populace. It is a power rumoredly granted by Death himself. The nature of ripper crimes are bloody and visible, with the occasional act of thievery, though it is often a trophy that means nothing to everyone but the Ripper themselves; perhaps an organ or a body part. This makes them slightly more dangerous than assassins or mercenaries which have a more monetary background. Rippers are hunters at nature, whether their aims are practical or not, and they want others to see their results.


Beginning at 3rd level, your elusiveness and boundless guile are present in how you present yourself as a persona separate that of a killer who leaves traces yet is never caught. If you use your Cunning Action, you can use two of the allowed actions instead of just one.


Beginning 9th level, when an attacker hits you within melee range and you use your Uncanny Dodge, you may also follow up immediately with a retaliatory strike, making an attack at the creature on the same reaction.

False Feint and Strike

Not a movement of yours is unnecessary, even those that miss. They make new openings for you to strike at. Beginning at 13th level, if you would miss with a melee weapon attack, you can choose to have it succeed instead. Also, if an attack would hit you, you may use your reaction to cause the attack to miss instead. Using this feature also forces the creature who would have hit you to end their turn. You may use this feature a number of times equal to your Dexterity modifier, regaining all uses at the end of a long rest.


Beginning 17th level, when you get the drop on another creature and get your attack in, it feels good to kill. The blood you splay about excites you into a frenzy now, after having killed so much. When you deal damage with your Sneak Attack, you may attack one extra time.

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