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Ring, legendary

Gates - The golden blue ring allows the wearer to summon 10 “Gates” (+5 Gates/level) to any place 10ft.(+5 ft./level) around them and prime one weapon of the wearers choice in that “gate” and then launch the primed weapon from the "gate" to an area or target up to 100ft.(+25 ft./level) away. Weapons launched this way are susceptible to damage and can be broken before reaching the intended target.

  • The target must succeed on a DC 20 Dexterity Saving throw or take (1d6 + 1) multiplied by each weapon launched and movement speed of the target is halved.
  • If the target succeeds on the saving throw than the targets speed is halved but they took no damage from the launched weapons.
  • If they succeed on the saving throw they take no damage but their speed is halved.
  • Primed or summoned weapons don't need to be owned to be launched or used.
  • Weapons primed or summoned cannot be adamantine.
  • You can summon and launch magical weapons beginning at level 3. Magical Weapons launched this way deal (1d8 + 2) multiplied per magical weapon. The launched weapons have the same effect on enemies on hit as if you hit them yourself. (i.e If you launch a Sword of Life Stealing, you would roll the for extra 3d6 necrotic damage)
  • Priming or summoning multiple weapons can be your standard or bonus action.
  • Wearing this ring also gives the wearer +2 to AC.

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