Ring of Supreme Nature (5e Equipment)

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The ring of supreme nature lying on sand.

Ring, legendary (requires attunement by a barbarian, druid, or ranger at least 1 mile away from an established town or city.)

While wearing this powerful ring and aren't a Druid or similar class, you can sense when nature is unbalanced. If your are wearing this ring and are a Druid or similar class, you have a +1 to all attack rolls with weapons made of wood or similar natural material, and gain the ability of if you weren't a Druid or similar class.

Spells This ring has 20 charges. You may cast the following spells without expending a spell slot or material components by spending charges equal to its level: alter self, speak with plants, speak with animals, tree stride, chain lightning, heroes' feast, control weather, transport via plants, polymorph, and true polymorph. Additionally, you may cast shapechange without expending a spell slot or material components on yourself. Once you use this property of the ring, it cannot be used again until the next dawn.

This ring regains 2d6 + 4 charges at dawn.

If you expend the last charge nature rebels against you until you regain charges again. You will not regain any charges at dawn, and each night the ring doesn't have charges, roll a d20, on a 1-5 the ring breaks, removing all abilities from it and dealing 4d10 force damage to anyone attuned to it. If you roll the d20 while in the wild, it breaks on a 1-3 instead.

This ring works as a druidic focus.

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