Ring of Gender Swapping (5e Equipment)

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Ring, rare (requires attunement)

This ring appears as a ring of spell storing.

Curse. This ring is cursed, a fact only revealed by an identify spell. When you attune to this ring, you must make a DC 14 Constitution saving throw. On a success, nothing happens and you must repeat the saving throw after 1 hour of staying attuned to it. If you fail the saving throw, your body will be surrounded by an aura of bright light making you impossible to see. While surrounded by the aura, you are unable to move as your body morphs and transforms. If your biological sex was female, it becomes male. If it was male, it becomes female. After one minute, the aura fades away and the transformation is complete. The ring will morph clothing and items to fit your new body. If you have no biological sex or are non binary, you are unaffected by the curse. If the targets saving throw is a natural 1, the item actually removes all traces of a biological sex from the wearer, giving them an androgynous, neutered appearance. The ring is absorbed into your skin, leaving a strange runic symbol where it once resided and ending attunement. You no longer make saving throws. The effects of the curse can only be undone by a remove curse spell and you are immune to any other spells or effects that may change your gender. Ending attunement does not end the curse.

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