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  • Retreaver are a modification of a standard Reaver. Retreavers specialize in the live capture of targets. Keen and persistant, not even invisibility will hide its target. They are often escorted by a group of Reavers. Retreavers can be Purple or Magenta.
  • Family: Construct
  • Size: Medium
  • Vision: Infrared (Able to see via heat. Target can be seen even if hiding in shadow or invisible. Able to see through thin walls.)
  • Hit Die: 5d10/2d10
  • AC: 3/4



  • Str: 15/14
  • Dex: 16/16
  • Con: 15/14
  • Int: ?/? (Artificial)
  • Wis: 0/0
  • Cha: 0/0


  • Stun Claw/Stun Claw (Purple only): 1d6/1d6, nonlethal. Target must roll constitution save or become paralyzed for 10 minutes.
  • Restraints (Purple only): Leaps and pins target to ground if hit. Quickly restraints target with powerful clamp. Requires assistance to break free.
  • Stun Net: Can hit up to 3 people if grouped together. If hit, will entangle enemies and paralyze for 10 minutes. Ranged.
  • Concussive Shot (Magenta only): +2 to hit, 2d10, Fires a dense, but paded shell at foe. Deals nonlethal damage. Enemy must make constitution save or be knocked down.

Special Attacks[edit]

  • Smoke Shell: Deploys a canister in front of user, quickly enveloping the area surrounding him in smoke. Everyone in/outside of the smoke takes a -5 penalty to hit. and obscures vision.
  • Malicitan Core: Upon 'death', the Retreaver's Malicitan Core will go critical, disintegrating the body and leaving only metalic dust. This happens within 2 rounds. If someone is still pinned by the Retreaver when this happens, they will take 5d6 in damage.

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