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  • Lean and ferocious, Reavers are humanoid shaped automatons, exsisting only as tools of combat. They were specially designed to function due to magical stone in their chest, Malicitan. The core is what gives them motion, determines how they behave and also acts as a failsafe. Reavers have a ranking system in terms of lethality and construction. Grey being the lowest and most plentiful due to their simple design. Yellow are sturdier and yet still common. Red are powerful, scarce, well-built and deadly, attacking without hesitation, but not recklessly. Lastly, Blue are not designed for close combat and usually hang back, relaying important imformation to its comrades and providing cover fire. Each sport different weaponry. Grey having a single hooked claws on each arm; Yellow, having pairs of three on each. Red have long scythes on theirs and Blue have a complex mechanism that fires bullets on their arms. Reavers are fast, percise and merciless, ambushing targets in medium to large groups.
  • Family: Construct
  • Size: Medium
  • Vision: Low-Light (See twice as far in Dim Light than normal)
  • Hit Die (Grey): 2d10
  • Hit Die (Yellow): 4d10
  • Hit Die (Red): 6d10
  • Hit Die (Blue): 1d10
  • AC (Grey): 4
  • AC (Yellow): 3/2
  • AC (Red): 2/1
  • AC (Blue): 5


  • g/y/r/b
  • Str: 14/15/16/12
  • Dex: 15/15/16/16
  • Con: 14/15/16/12
  • Int: ?/?/?/? (Artificial)
  • Wis: 0/0/0/0
  • Cha: 0/0/0/0



  • Claw/Claw: 1d6/1d6


  • Scythe/Scythe: 1d8/1d8
  • Scything Fury: -4 hp, 6 attacks, 1d4


  • Gun Shot/Gun Shot: 1d8/1d8

Special Attacks[edit]


  • Pounce: Leaps at target. If hits, pins target down as action. Target must make strength check each turn. If strength is lower than Reaver's, you must roll AGAINST it's strength. If fails, they are hit by a free attack. Anyone attempting to hit target (or attacker) whilst target is pinned and misses with a 10 or lower, risks hitting attacker (or target) instead. Attacker is free to dismount target at any time. If attacker 'dies' while someone is pinned, they must still make their strength check, but not against it's strength.


  • Smoke Shell: Deploys a canister in front of user, quickly enveloping the area surrounding him in smoke. Everyone in/outside of the smoke takes a -5 penalty to hit. and obscures vision.
  • Malicitan Core: Upon 'death', the Reaver's Malicitan Core will go critical, disintegrating the body and leaving only metalic dust. This happens within 2 rounds. If someone is still pinned by the Reaver when this happens, they will take 5d6 in damage.

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