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Ring, uncommon

Appears as a simple silver band with archane writting on the inside of the band.

Requip Ability This ring when worn allows the wearer to swap the clothes they are wearing, the weapon they have in hands, or both with appropriate items they have in storage.

To use the requip function, as a reaction, the user gives the vocal command “Requip” and visualizes what outfit and/or weapon they want to equip.

When swapping clothes/armor, the ring will completely remove the outfit the person is wearing (outgoing outfit), and replace them with the desired outfit (incoming outfit) from nearby storage. The removed outfit is then placed in storage in the same place the new outfit was stored.

The incoming outfit must be owned by the person, and its storage location must be within 20 miles of the person.

The incoming outfit may be any outfit the person owns within range, from sets of rags to full plate mail armor or any combination in between.

There does not need to be a 1-to-1 swap. The ring can be used to remove the worn outfit and return it to storage without replacing it with a new incoming outfit. Likewise, if the person is already nude, they can equip an outfit without the need for an outgoing outfit.

Swapping weapon or weapons in hand(s) works the same way.

Any location the person has authorization to store stuff in is usable as a designated storage location for storing any outgoing equipment when the swap is triggered. This includes items such as chests or crates which can be placed on a mobile platform such as a wagon.

The ring must be worn on one of the user's fingers and will resize itself to fit perfectly.

The swap only occurs if the desired outfit or weapon is within range. Any item outside of the range of the ring is not equipped, items within range will be equipped.

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