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Ring, uncommon

A simple-looking silver ring with arcane inscriptions inscribed on the inside, the Requip Band allows the wearer to swap the clothes they are wearing, any items they have in their hands, or both with corresponding ones that they have in an extradimensional storage space (i.e., a har for a crown, a shirt for a dress, a bracelet for a shield, etc.). This ring cannot be removed by anyone except for the wearer through either nonmagical or magical means.

Storage. The Requip Band can store up to 3 unique outfits, including clothing (hats, jewelry, shirts, pants, shoes, gloves, etc.) and equipment (weapons, shields, armor, etc.), within its extra-dimensional storage space. Magical items, however, cannot be stored within it.

Requipment. As a bonus action, you can stow away, swap, or take out out any number of clothing or equipment items into or from inside the extradimensional storage space, and have them appear equipped on your person or in your hands if space is available. This must be done with the vocal command "Requip".

Preception and Inception. If a Requip Band is placed within another extradimensional storage item, it opens a gate to The Void: The ring, the other item, and any creatures within a 10-foot radius are drawn there, destroying the aforementioned items in the process. However, if a Requip band is placed inside of another Requip band, it will summon one of The Dirae and a swarm of locusts, consuming both rings.

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