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Replicator Extraterrestrial Prototype
It looks like two ancient microwave ovens welded back-to-back. Stenciled on the side is a block of alien text which translates to "Do not insert other replicators."
Slot: None
Any tiny creature or object that can fit into a 1 ft. cubed area can be placed into one compartment of the replicator as a standard action. Replicating an object with a unique identifier - such as credit cards, tokens or transponders - will cause a conflict that invalidates the original.

Power: Encounter
Minor Action
Personal Personal
Target: A creature or object placed in the first compartment.
Effect: A perfect copy of the target item will appear in the second compartment.

Salvage: Tech Level 8. A 8th-level character can salvage the replicator. It becomes a piece of equipment that grants a +4 bonus to Nature checks made to survive in the wild, and a +4 bonus to Mechanics checks made to create or repair machinery.
Weight: 20 lb.

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