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Appalachia is rife with stereotypes, so if you are politically correct, you are not going to enjoy this campaign. None-the-less try to avoid egregious racism when running and playing this campaign. The humans are under attack from all sides and so they tend to band together and care much less about skin color than humans in our world do.

Appalachia has roughly 8 religions
  • American Indian Spiritualism
  • Christianity
  • Evil - all gods of evil are really just maninfestations of the ultimate evil. Everyting from Nyarlathotep to JR Bob Dobbs.
  • Gods of India - including all the pagan gods you can think of. There are 100 races in India, each having 100 different gods.
  • Islam - Allah is the best and only god. All others are either deluded or liars. Submit to us or we'll kill you. The Muslims have been at war with all the other religions for centuries, especially the Jews.
  • Judaism - most Aaracokras are either Jews or lapsed Jews. Some humans and halflings are also Jews. Flight is rare in Appalachia, ans so when God blessed Moses with great eagle wings, this got the attention of the Aaracokra who revere Moses to this day.
  • Mesoamerican Gods
  • The Orc Lords and Goblin Masters - orc-kin and goblin-kin share religions, but not much else. Otherwise they fight each other at all opportunities.
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