Recharging Plasma Pistol (5e Equipment)

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Recharging Lightning Plasma Pistol

Martial Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Recharging Lightning Plasma Pistol Common 1d10 lightning 2 lb. Ammunition (range 40/120), recharge (4 shots)

A futuristic pistol that shoots a pulse of green superheated plasma. After it has expended 4 shots, it must recharge before it can fire again. It does so by drawing energy from its environment, which it does automatically. This takes 1 hour.

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These variants may be available to a character who has knowledge of futuristic technology and has a tinkering trait (such as an alien grey).

Alternate Energy. Variant plasma pistols may deal cold, fire or necrotic damage.

Improved Capacitor. This variant can fire 6 shots before requiring recharging.

Fast Recharge. This variant recharges after 10 minutes instead of 1 hour.

Spell Cantrip Pistol. This variant fires superdimensional plasma. When the pistol is created, choose one evocation cantrip. You can expend one charge to cast that cantrip, and the pistol acts as an arcane focus for it. It cannot make its normal weapon attack.

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