Realistic Weapon Proficiencies (3.5e Variant Rule)

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Realistic Weapon Proficiencies[edit]


The origin of this variant comes from the idea that not all members of an individual class such as wizards wield the SAME weapons. This variant allows for more customization for your character by allowing you to choose your starting weapon proficiencies.


Each class has its own number of proficiency points, which are used to "purchase" proficiency with weapons.

  • Simple and natural weapons are worth 1 point.
  • Martial weapons are worth 2 points.
  • Exotic weapons are worth 4 points.

The following pairs count as one proficiency.

  • Gauntlet and Spiked Gauntlet
  • Heavy Mace and Morningstar
  • Spear and Longspear
  • Heavy Crossbow and Light Crossbow
  • Dart and Javelin
  • Light Shield and Spiked Light Shield
  • Heavy Shield and Spiked Heavy Shield
  • Longbow and Composite Longbow
  • Shortbow and Composite Shortbow
  • Repeating Heavy Crossbow and Repeating Light Crossbow

Some weapons, since they are very powerful, require a prerequisite proficiency. This is so most wizards won't be running around with greatswords. :P

Weapon <- Prerequisite

  • Battleaxe <- Handaxe
  • Longsword <- Shortsword
  • Heavy Pick <- Light Pick
  • Heavy Shield <- Light Shield
  • Warhammer <- Light Hammer
  • Falchion <- Scimitar
  • Greataxe <- Battleaxe
  • Heavy Flail <- Flail
  • Greatsword <- Longsword
  • All Martial Polearms <- Spear
  • Scythe <- Sickle
  • Maul <- Warhammer
  • Bastard Sword <- Longsword
  • Dwarven Waraxe <- Battleaxe
  • Orc Double Axe <- Greataxe
  • Dire Flail <- Heavy Flail
  • Gnome Hooked Hammer <- Light Hammer or Light Pick
  • Two-bladed Sword <- Longsword
  • Dwarven Ugrosh <- Greataxe or Halberd
  • Repeating Crossbow <- Crossbow

All classes automatically have proficiency with unarmed strikes, daggers, and clubs. They don't need to purchase them.

The number of proficiency points each class has is shown below.

  • Barbarian- 77
  • Bard- 27
  • Cleric- 15 (Although a normal cleric is proficient only with simple weapons. An extra 2 points are granted so they can use their deity's favored weapon.)
  • Druid- 12
  • Fighter- 77
  • Monk- 26 (50 if monk automatically gains weapons from Arms and Equipment Guide)
  • Paladin- 77
  • Ranger- 77
  • Rogue- 25
  • Sorcerer- 13
  • Wizard- 5* (Wizards get five because otherwise, they would be unable to choose any exotic weapons having only 2 points, and if they get an exotic weapon, they can still take a decent ranged weapon.)

Determining Proficiency Points for Other Classes[edit]

For each simple or natural weapon the class is normally proficient with, add 1 proficiency point. If all, number of natural weapons available + 13 points. For each martial weapon the class is normally proficient with, add 2 proficiency points. If all, 66 points, assuming you're using Arms and Equipment Guide. For each exotic weapon the class is normally proficient with, add 4 proficiency points.

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