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Ring, rare (requires attunement by wearing the item over a long rest.)

A inconspicuous golden ring with a small red ruby that can be used in desperate situations to be a deadly weapon. This ring has 1+1d4 charges and regains 1 charge at a short rest and all of its charges on a long rest. The ring is not visibly dangerous and can only be detected as dangerous by making a DC 15 arcana check.

Ring Laser. You can use an action to expend one charge to fire a small red beam of energy at a single target within a 100-foot line. Make a ranged attack. On a hit, the creature takes 4d6 force damage. If a creature is reduced to 0 hit points by this attack, the attack pierces its body and continues in a straight line up to 100 feet long or until it hits a structure or another creature.

The ring in question.

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