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"Ascension of the Squirrel,"
by enchantedgal of DeviantArt

Alignment. Neutral Good
Domains. Life
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Ratatoskr, who is referred to affectionately as Nutsy by his followers, is a god of foraging and memory among some of the mountain and forest peoples of Faerun. He is especially popular among the smaller peoples of Faerun as he is an indication that size is no measure of power. Nutsy appears in the form of a red squirrel anywhere from several inches to eight feet in size. Unusual among gods, he is known to be cautious and almost skittish around new worshippers but will form a powerful attachment to them over time. When he speaks, it is in the voice of a thousand small, high-pitched voices that can be overwhelming even to the most practiced worshippers, and causes panic or madness to the evil of heart.

Nutsy is known to appear to solo travelers disguised as an ordinary squirrel. Those who are kind and offer him food often find themselves having inexplicably good luck, while those who try to hurt the animal meet mysterious and grim fates. Nutsy has few formal places of worship. Instead, his worshippers make small shrines to him in trees and caves, which they fill with offerings such as acorns and other small nuts. These "hoards", as they are known, are protected by powerful magic. Anyone that tries to steal from one of Nutsy's hoards becomes transformed into an acorn themselves (or sometimes a hazelnut).

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