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PL GDI/Nod 6.8mm JHP Raptor Assault Rifle (Personal Firearms)

Damage Ballistic Magazine <-- 100 round Drum
Critical 19-20 x2 Size Medium
Damage Type 4D4 Ballistic (Brotherhood Raptor) or 3D6 (GDI Raptor) Weight 12 lbs.
Range Increment 80 ft. Purchase DC 20
Rate of Fire S, A, B Restriction Mil (+3)


The Cobretti AR-70 Raptor automatic rifle was the basic assault rifle of GDI and Nod during the latter stages of the First Tiberium War. After the war's end, and Nod's defeat, it was supplanted by the M16 Mark II Pulse Rifle for GDI and Nod.

The weapon fires 6.8mm rounds from a compact 100 round drum magazine in either fully automatic, burst or single fire modes, up to 600 rounds per minute. It is very bulky for a rifle, but quite reliable. The relatively high mass helps to compensate for the high recoil that the high-velocity bullets produce when fired in fully automatic mode. The ammunition it fires is of the JHP variety and as such is very effective against unshielded targets or those wearing light body armor at best, but quite useless and ineffective against foes wearing heavier body armor.

A different variant was issued by GDI Commandos and Nod snipers. It featured a silencer and, a .50 caliber (12.7mm) ammunition, instead of 6.8mm rounds.

d20 Modern Rules[edit]

The AR-70 Raptor is a very rare weapon at the present time; it is only available to Military characters (with a reduced DC of 18), or sufficiently wealthy characters.

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