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Raistlin Majere[edit]

Lesser Deity
Symbol: The shape of an hourglass in the sky
Home Plane: Krynn
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: He is at once the god of Neutrality in the Microwave realm, and also the God of neutral (or red) magic. Most of his followers are magic users, though some clerics choose to follow him.
Clergy Alignments: They have to be somewhere between Chaotic Good and Chaotic Evil.
Domains: Chaos, Knowledge, Magic, Glory
Favored Weapon:

He was once the famous/infamous Hero of the Lance (from the Dragonlance series), after his death his spirit roamed the astral plane, and when this new plane of existence was created, being the most powerful mage ever to live, it was easy for him to set himself up as a god of this realm.


He respects followers that crave power, but he believes that his followers must also protect the downtrodden. He also respects the balance of the world, for he knows first-hand what happens when you upset that balance.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

He is a hands-on god, whose temples are a portal to his realm. In fact, they look like a mirage, shimmering before you. His highest clerics are granted golden skin, and those who he curses are given hourglass eyes that can see the effect of time on all things, living and inanimate, effectively eliminating most beauty and happiness from their existence.

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