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A radiant stone

Wondrous Item (Stone), rare (requires attunement)

This small sentient stone is housed in an elaborate polished metal shell. A ghostly light burns within it.

It will only attune to someone who is making death saving throws. It cannot be targeted by normal attacks, but can be hit by AOE effects. It has advantage on Dexterity and Intelligence saving throws. Once attuned, it is capable of operating on its own for short periods of time, but will actively resist this. The radiant stone can speak to their wielder, encouraging them to do good deeds, and trying to inform them about situations. It can make History and Investigation checks at advantage.

Pocket Plane The radiant stone has a tiny plane, similar to a bag of holding. It can hold up to 150 pounds of items there and retrieve them at will. It can also escape here as a reaction or bonus action if targeted by an attack.

Rough Translation The radiant stone can make a DC 15 History check to read a written language that is unknown. However, it may not give the exact or correct meaning.

Revival If an attuned individual reaches 0 hit points, the radiant stone will try to revive them. During this turn, it becomes vulnerable to attack, and if it is destroyed, the owner instantly dies. If the radiant stone completes its task, the player revives at full hit points.

Radiant Stone Light The radiant stone can shine a bright light at will, reaching out to 30 feet.

Radiant Stone Blade You can use a bonus action to call a sword of light to appear in your hands, as in the spell, flame blade. This lasts for two turns and deals radiant damage dependant on your level in the table below. You must finish a long rest before this feature can be used again.
Sentience. The radiant stone is a sentient, lawful stone with a Intelligence score of 18, Wisdom score of 14, and a Charisma score of 10. It's passive Perception is 12. The radiant stone can speak, and read Common, Elvish, and Dwarvish. Armor Class 20, Hit Points 24 (2d10 + 4), Speed 30 ft.
Personality. Radiant stones were created to be protective guardians to their owners. They speak openly, yet bluntly. Their voice is quite mechanical sounding. Radiant stones try to avoid conflict whenever possible. If their owner wades into battle, the stone will follow, despite any concerns it has for itself or the owner.

Table: Radiant Stone Blade[edit]
Player Level Radiant Damage
1-5 2d8+6
6-10 3d8+6
11-15 4d8+6
16-20 5d8+6

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