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Many races inhabit the rim.


The most common race on the rim. They are incredibly diverse and operate identically to humans in standard 5e.

  • +1 to all Attributes.
  • Choose 4 trades to add +1 to.


Inspired by the Tiers Mod.

Main Page: Androids (Rimworld Supplement) There are 5 tiers of androids. Each more powerful and more sentient than the last.

Androids don’t need food to survive, only electricity, but if the going gets tough they can convert food into power using a bio generator. As a result they also do not need sleep.


Inspired by Pawnmorpher.

Humans with animalistic mutations gained by various means, refer to the Pawnmorpher Table for info on the various effects and mutations.

Mutations can occur from being exposed to mutagenic materials. There also exist serums which harbor a specific type of mutation.


Inspired by [1]

Humanoids who often live in tribal groups, and are more hostile towards others, while still being open to negotiations. They tend to be skilled craftsmen and make good workers. Due to their looks they are often discriminated and tend not to be trusted by others.

  • +4 to 2 any Trades.
  • -2 to 1 attribute.


Inspired by [2]

Humanoids who usually organize in military groups and tend to be aggressive towards others. They aren't known for their intellect, however their naturall strength and toughness makes them great soldiers and laborers.

  • +5 Melee, +2 Strength
  • -1 To any trade.
  • Proficiency in Athletics or Intimidation


Inspired by [3]

Aliens who are peaceful towards others. They are one of the smarter alien races and are often respected traders and researchers. However, easier, manual tasks bore them. Their higher brain activity requires them to get more sleep.

  • +2 Intellect & Social or +2 Intelligence & Charisma
  • -1 Crafting & Cooking
  • Proficent in 1 Int skill.
  • Cannot take short rests. A Xotan long rest is 10 hours instead of 8.


Inspired by [4]

Peaceful aliens who often live in tribal groups, preferring nature over the comforts of modern life. They have better connection with nature than humans but their bodies are weaker, they don't make particularly good melee fighters.

  • +2 Plants or Animals.

+ Proficiency in Animal Handling, Survival, or Nature

  • -1 Melee skill.
  • Cannot have the Tough or Cannibal trait.
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