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When humanity explored the universe they found a lack of any alien life, there was only humanity. However, the millennia of human expansion and genetic modification has resulted in several biological divergences called Xenohumans. Xenohumans have a diverse array of traits and take many forms, usually they were modified genetically in order to serve a specific purpose.

Baseline Humans[edit]

The standard human. Incredibly culturally diverse, standard humans get their bonuses from their culture. They stand about 5 to 7 ft tall, have an average weight of 110 lbs. and have a default walking speed of 25.

Astropolitan: A broad collection of cultures common among frequent space travelers. +2 to two trades of your choosing and +1 to all ability scores.

Rustican: Hardy industrial cultures common among rimworld outlanders. +2 Crafting and +1 to Shooting, Animals, or Social. You gain one tool proficiency and one skill proficiency of your choice.

Corunan: An ancient culture common among rimworld tribes. +2 to Plants & Animals or +4 to Melee. +2 to Wisdom or Strength. Can only have tribal backgrounds.

Kriminul: A broad category describing the styles and practices of many pirate groups. +2 Melee & Shooting. +2 to Strength and Constitution.

Sophian: A techno-feudal culture centered on the planet Sophiamunda, the culture of The Empire. Ability score increases listed on backgrounds.


“With gray skin adapted to artificial light, dirtmoles thrive in cramped and dark spaces where combat and travel happen over short distances. They are extremely capable at digging or mining tasks. In the open, however, they suffer from a sensitivity to light, slow speed and poor eyesight at distance.”

“After the first tunnel colonies failed due to the stress of confinement, colonization agencies began genetically altering colonists to live without open space or sunlight. This xenotype are known colloquially as dirtmoles. Today, dirtmoles have expanded out of their original tunnel homes and rule many confined spaces in the anthrosphere. They can be found in deep mines, cramped low-tech spacecraft, and teeming by the billions in the dark underlayers of countless urbworlds.”

Dirtmoles are Xenohumans genetically modified to survive and thrive underground. They have a natural +2 Melee and +2 constitution due to their stocky build.

Dirtmoles age identically to humans and stand 6 to 7 ft tall with an average weight of 190 pounds. They have a vulnerability against Fire damage.

They can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. They can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray. You can be proficient in smith’s tools or mason’s tools. Any Strength check related to mining you will have an advantage on.


Designed to be engineers, genies' delicate bones and natural aptitude with machines allow them to manipulate devices with remarkable precision. They are emotionally cold and can follow orders where others might panic. However, they are fragile, and their amplified nerve impulses make them easy to debilitate with relatively little pain. With so much of their brains dedicated to analyzing machines, they lack the neural hardware to analyze emotions, so they sometimes come off as socially inept. Their dead calm makes it even harder for them to relate to what they see as madly-hotheaded baseliner humans.

Genies were engineered thousands of years ago by a long-disbanded space navy to hold engineering positions on large starships. Today, genies still serve as engineers in great cities and fleets, but many can also be found working as lawyers, pilots, and musicians.

Genies get +2 to crafting and intellectual. They get +3 Intelligence & Wisdom but -2 Constitution & Strength.

Genies age identically to humans and stand 5 to 6 ft tall with an average weight of 180 pounds. Their base walking speed is 25 feet.


On a few wealthy worlds, highmate xenogerms are commercially available and some people become highmates as a sort of career. However, many societies find them abhorrent, either because they distract people from forming natural families, or because they are humans shaped to serve the pleasures of another. On such worlds they are either reserved as playthings of the powerful, or banned entirely. This particular line of highmate fits the fashions of classical Novaroma, but many other variants exist.

Highmates get +2 to Social and +4 to Charisma. However they also must have -1 levels detracted from shooting or melee if they have a background that gives them those bonuses.

They are near identical in terms of features (same walk speed, height, etc.) to humans except for their odd skin colors which can range from purple, blue, or white. Their walk speed is 25 ft.


Hussars are engineered soldiers. They fight aggressively and with precision, heal fast, thrive in extreme temperatures, and freely ingest military drugs. They have a genetic dependence on the drug go-juice, which also makes them less likely to rebel against their commanders.

' While hussars' emotions make them dangerous in combat, they can't relate to baseliner humans. They are famous for their blood-red eyes and "hussar stare", a dead expression that unsettles many people. Their lack of expression and burning aggressive nature has led to many violent misunderstandings. In most societies where they live, hussars are kept separated from the rest of the population. Hussars are single-purpose tools - and they generally aren't bothered by the fact. '

Hussars have +2 to Shooting & Melee as well as +4 Strength, +4 Constitution, and -2 Charisma & Intelligence. They have a dependence on Go-Juice, they will get a -4 to all to all ability scores after a long rest unless they ingest Go-Juice beforehand.

They have advantage on saving throws against poison, and they have resistance against poison damage. They age identically to humans and stand at about 6 to 8 feet tall and have an average weight of 245 lbs. Their default walking speed is 25 ft.


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