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Choosing a Race[edit]

Estriea is vast, even if only separated by its three realms, and has many different creatures and races living within it. As this campaign relies significantly within the Estra realm, this list will mainly focus on the races and being that exist upon that plane of existence. There will be other lists that focus on the races and creatures of the other two realms, but this is mainly be focused on the plane of Estra.

Psionic characters are not limited by race, though they are limited to the requisite that they take a psionic class at first level, or are affected by a Wish or similar spell in order to become psionically capable.

Generally speaking, in the case of alternatives, Players are discouraged from taking any races with a level adjustment of +3 or more, or from using alternate races. As this is a list of races that already exist within the Breath of Fire universe.

Races of Estra[edit]

Race Type Description
Humans Humanoid (Human) The most plentiful race of Estra, they exist through-out its lands. Though they do are not a main focus of any particular kingdom or region. They co-exist with the other races peaceable, or well, as peaceably as any other race anyways.
Wyndians Humanoid (Fae) Wyndians are a race of winged humans that hail from the kingdom of Wyndia. They have a limited capability of flight and have a greater capacity for arcane magic than most other races. Most of the great wizards and sorceresses of legend have been Wyndian, or trained by one.
Woren Humanoid (Feline) Worens are a race of anthropomorphic cat people that have a warrior culture. They are territorial, but hospitable to those that prove that they either come in peace, are a worthy opponent, or (more often than not) both. There are many different types of Woren, though they all exhibit the same potential as the next. Each having their own general appearance due to mixed breeding with other races, but all having feline features present.
Centaurs Humanoid (Anthropomorph) Centaurs are a race of anthropomorphic Unicorns and while they resemble the mystical beasts of purity and goodness. They typically are not. Centaurs are like any other race, and are subject to various alignments and dispositions. They are quick and strong though, and many are powerful fighters with access to some form of magic. However, it is stereo-typed that they are all brigands and charlatans, working only for money and power.
Talpin Humanoid (Anthropomorph) The Talpin, or Dirt-Eating Clan, are a race of anthropomorphic mole people that are small in size. They can burrow through the ground easily and quickly, but must wear light-blocking goggles while out in the sun to avoid being blinded by the sun. Most exhibit a strong appearance of an anthro-mole.
Brood Humanoid (Dragon) The Brood, or more commonly know as the Dragon Clan, are a race of human looking people with exotic colored hair and a generally peaceful, kind disposition. It is rumored that they have the power to transform into dragons, but only a rare few have this potential (Brood Warrior (class). They, like the Wyndians, tend to have a greater potential with magic. Though they tend to more towards divine magic than arcane and the arcane casters they do have, tend to be spell-swords.
Hylas Humanoid (Anthropomorph) Hylas are anthropomorphic frog-people and are known as the Creeping Clan. They live in lakes, swamps and other such areas that have an abundance of water and giant flies. They speak with a faux-french accent for the most part and have a european-styled culture. Most exhibit a strong appearance of an anthro-frog and tend towards being artists or chefs.
Hokkai Humanoid (Anthropomorph) The Forest Clan, or the Hokkai, are a group of anthropomorphic canines, some resembling wolves and others resembling dogs. The females of this clan appear more human with dog-like features, while the males of the race tend more towards a true anthro-canine appearance. Though various forms of anthro-canine exist in both genders of the race. Within this race are a separate group of beings known as Grassrunners, they are also Hokkai but come from a different tribe. They tend more towards being hunters than anything and are seemingly better with ranged weapons than melee, though some have shown an extreme proficiency for the sword.
Grassmen Monstrous Humanoid (Plant) The Grassmen are plant-based humanoid creatures that live for extremely long periods of time, though only a small fraction of that time is spent as a mobile plant-humanoid. They travel while they are young and then take root when the time comes to grow into the next phase of their lives, as a sentient tree. They tend towards being sages, diplomats and philosophers more than anything.
Guardians Monstrous Humanoid Guardians are a race of warriors that resemble gargoyles. They usually always worship one Endless or another for some reason, and tend to travel the world in the effort of exerting the Endless' influence where it needs them to. They tend towards the Paladin class, or sometimes, the Blackguard class.
Highlanders Humanoid (Anthropomorph) Highlanders are a group of anthropomorphic monkey-people that live in cities built up on cliffs and sometimes high in trees. They are a warrior race, typically a military-style culture, that tend to keep to themselves. They are all more humanoid monkey than human, unlike some of the other anthropomorphic races.
Tauren Humanoid (Anthropomorph) Tauren are a group of anthropomorphic ox-people known as the Iron Ogre Clan, they are more 'builders' than anything. They typically have two factions of Tauren, the Kerani (who are more oxen than human) and the Kaori (who are more human than oxen). *Note: the race was created by a friend of mine, Jwguy, for the purpose of a campaign setting that we originally started. However, they are perfect for the Iron Ogre Clan.
Machines (Warforged) Construct (Living Construct) Machines are various in form and function, though there are some that resemble a humanoid form. These are sentient beings powered by Chrysm, a material created by the immense magical power of an old creature that was condensed into a crystal-like state. *Note: Warforged do not have a page here on dandwiki.com. However, they are useable as a race under the name Machine and are treated as warforged for any and all purposes.
Manillo Monstrous Humanoid (Anthropomorph) Manillo are anthropomorphic fish-people that live largely in the oceans of Estra and love a bargain or the act of trade more than anything. As such they can be seen through-out the world as merchants or trades-men. It is rumored that there is an artifact that will revert a Manillo back to it's ancient form for a short time.
Cingula Humanoid (Anthropomorph) Cingula, or the Shell Clan, are a group of anthropmorphic armadillo-people of great size and intimidating form. However, they are a peaceful, pacifistic people that are known for their ability to farm the lands. However, they also have the capability to be some powerful warriors.

Races of Faeda[edit]

The races of Faeda are mostly magical beasts, and the only ones that are even remotely peaceful are the Faeries.

Race Type Description
Faerie Fae The Faerie are the main denizen of Faeda, however, they are still tribal in nature and typically lazy, usually getting someone that stumbles into their realm through small portals created naturally by a ring of flowers in a plain, no matter how small. They usually live within the woods of Faeda and are notorious tricksters.

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