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The Qunari (People of the Qun) hail from the island nation of Par Vollen. They are trained from birth to obey the rigorous philosophy of the Qun, first introduced to Par Vollen by the prophet Koslun. Under the Qun, Qunari are assigned a purpose at birth, whether it be academic, religious, or military, and are expected to perform this purpose until their deaths. Some Qunari reject the way of the Qun, leading to their exile. These exiles become known as Tal-Vashoth (True Grey Ones), and are often used for mercenary work by foreign powers.

Physical Description[edit]

Qunari are physically larger than most other humanoids. They usually have either grey or brown skin, though some can be found with a pinkish hue, and have white or pale blond hair. The defining characteristic of most Qunari are the horns sprouting from their head, resembling those of cattle or bison. The rare Qunari that is born without horns are usually sent as emissaries to human, elf, and dwarf nations, as they seem less physically alien then their horned counterparts.


When Qunari first came into contact with the outside world, they were excessively hostile towards outsiders and declared war on many city-states nearby to Par Vollen. After years of conflict, the Qunari invasions were repelled, leading to a deep sense of mistrust for Qunari among outsiders. While the Qun has won a few converts among elves and dwarves, it remains in highest concentration on Par Vollen. Tal-Vashoth are seen as outcasts by both followers of the Qun and foreigners, and apart from jobs as mercenaries or bodyguards, find it hard to survive outside Par Vollen.


Qunari society is dictated by the Qun. Par Vollen is ruled by the Triumvirate, a trio of governing officials who each represent one branch of society. It is comprised of the Arishok (military leader and head of state, male), the Arigena (industrial and agricultural leader, always female), and the Ariqun (lead religious official, male or female). Male Qunari are usually assigned to be soldiers, while female Qunari are appointed as spies, artisans, farmers, or priestesses. Merchants and scientists can be male or female.

Qunari Names[edit]

[1] Outside of Tal-Vashoth, Qunari have no formal names, instead going by their rank or title in conversation. Sten, Tallis, Karaas, Beresaad, and others are military ranks, while Tamassrans are priestesses. Tal-Vashoth usually choose their own name upon being exiled from the Qun. Qunari magic users are referred to as Serebaas, and are heavily distrusted and discriminated against by other Qunari.

Male: Sten, Beresaad, Karaas, Serebaas

Female: Tallis, Viddasala, Tamassran, Serebaas

Qunari Traits[edit]

Qunari are typically very strong and resistant to both pain and physical damage.
Ability Score Increase. Qunari get +2 to Strength,and a +1 Constitution, and Wisdom.
Age. Qunari lifespans are similar to those of humans, and they reach physical maturity around the age of 16.
Alignment. Qunari tend to reject foreign customs, but also try to avoid unnecessary confrontation with outsiders. Most Qunari are Lawful Neutral, though Tal-Vashoth tend towards Chaotic Neutral since they are more reliant on themselves for survival. Qunari do not particularly value individualism, with how the Qun rules with an Iron Fist over its people. Any Qunari that do show signs of strong will and individualism are either 'properly' dealt with, or are taken to have their will be broken back down agsin.
Size. Qunari are taller than most humanoids, standing from 7’-8.5’ feet tall at maximum. Your size is medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Qunari Logic. Through the severe repression of the Qun on individualism and control of one-self, you always approach situations in the most logical way, not acting on your impulses. The Qun taught you that acting on desires and emotions poisons the mind and leads to choices with horrible consequences.
Horned Beast. Your horns and general towering size give you an imposing appearance, even if you are the most kindhearted of souls. You are proficient in Intimidation.
Languages. Most Qunari speak, write, and read at the very least some Common. The Qunari language, Qunlat, is rarely used in conversation, as the Qunari do not believe in unnecessary use of words.
Subrace. Antaam, Serebaas, Tal-Vashoth


Qunari soldiers who specialize in melee combat.

Disciple of the Qun. Your training as a sword of the Qun gives you proficiency in Religion.
Antaam Training. Your training as a soldier gives you proficiency in Athletics and two to three simple or marital weapons of your choice. (Talk to DM about how many weapons you are proficient in.)]
Nehraa Maraas. Due to you’re military training since birth you gain +1 AC when you have a shield equipped or +1 damage when wielding a weapon with two hands.


Qunari exiles who rebelled against the Qun and turned to mercenary work.

Hardened Exile. Your mercenary training gives you proficiency in Athletics and Survival.
True Grey One. Your unique fighting style grants you proficiency in two simple or Martial weapons of your choice
Savage lifestyle. When interacting with bandits or other lowlife you double (X2) prof. with charisma checks against them, however you have no additions (flat roll) when dealing with nobles or figures of authority.


Qunari mages who are stripped of most individual freedoms.

Stripped of Words. Your mouth was stitched shut early in your life, a symbol of oppression. You can no longer speak any language, and can only grunt to communicate verbally. You instead have learned the telepathy spell (40 ft.) in order to 'talk' to others.
Disciple of the Qun. Your extensive and forced training as a sword of the Qun gives you proficiency in Religion.
Slave to the Arcane. Your forced education in the world of magical arts gives you proficiency in Arcana.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

7′ 6″ +1d12 320 lb. × (1d10) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

When creating a Qunari character, you can use the following table of traits, ideals, bonds and flaws to help flesh out your character. Use these tables in addition to or in place of your background's characteristics.

d6 Ideal
1 The Qun is everything. My life is forfeit before it.
2 Koslun was not as all-knowing as the Ariqun claims. His writings deserve to be challenged and interpreted.
3 The Qun is a worthwhile philosophy, but I'd prefer to have my individuality celebrated rather than shunned.
4 I reject the Qun and all it stands for (Tal-Vashoth subrace).
5 Those who reject the Qun might as well reject living. I will bring the Qun to them, willingly or not (Lawful Evil alignment).
6 The philosophies of outsiders are more interesting then those of my people.
d6 Flaw
1 I was born without horns (lose Horned Beast trait, gain Tentative Trust trait - your lack of horns grants you a less alien appearance, and proficiency in Persuasion).
2 I am motivated by greed over loyalty (Tal-Vashoth subrace)
3 I was taught subservience from an early age. I cannot lead a party any more than I could be an Arishok.
4 I can never feel a strong emotional connection to those who don't follow the Qun.
5 I can never trust those who don't follow the Qun.
6 I think elves are a lithe, pointy-eared people who excel at poverty.

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