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Psychometry (Wis)[edit]

You can “read” psychic impressions from places and objects, getting images of their pasts.

Requirements: Clairsentience feat

Check: You can get glimpses into the past, as if you were actually present at a particular event. You can use this power in two ways:

Active Psychometry: You can attempt to see the past of a particular person, place, or object with which you are in contact. You must be able to see or touch the subject of your power. This requires a full-round action and a Psychometry skill check.

Spontaneous Visions: Your ability may also spontaneously activate at the GM’s discretion when you are in contact with a subject with particularly strong “vibes.” This also requires a Psychometry check.

The Gamemaster should make Psychometry skill checks secretly so the player doesn’t necessarily know if a particular vision was accurate or not. Consult the table below for the results of a vision, based on the skill check.

DC Result
10 A vague vision that may not be accurate.
15 A brief and accurate vision of the events.
20 A longer vision of the events, encompassing everything that took place in a particular place and time.
25 The ability to “rewind” the vision backward or forward in time to review the event.
30 The ability to track the vision backward through time and space to trace an event to its origin.
35 Near-complete knowledge of a particular past event and everything involving it.

Things seen in psychometric visions generally count as slightly familiar in terms of familiarity, possibly more if the vision was long or extremely accurate (in the GM’s opinion).

Special: You can take 10 on Psychometry checks, but you can’t take 20.

Time: Psychometry is a full-round action.

Strain: 6 for active psychometry, 1 for spontaneous visions.

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