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Psychic Weapon (Wis)[edit]

You can create and weild a weapon composed of pure psychic energy.

Requirements: Psychic Weapon feat

Check: Make a Psychic Weapon check as a move action to create a melee weapon of ghostly, crackling psychic energy in your hand. The appearance of the weapon is up to you; its effects are the same regardless. The result of your Psychic Weapon check determines the weapon’s damage.

Result Damage
up to 14 1d4
15–24 1d6
25–34 1d8
35+ 2d6

You can wield a psychic weapon like a normal melee weapon, except you are automatically considered proficient with it, and you wield it as if you had the Weapon Finesse feat (meaning you apply your Dexterity rather than your Strength modifier to attack rolls). The psychic weapon strikes as a touch attack, ignoring armor and natural armor bonuses (but not deflection or force bonuses). It is considered a magic weapon for the purposes of overcoming Damage Reduction; this does not provide any attack or damage bonus to the weapon. Add your Wisdom modifier rather than your Strength modifier to the weapon’s damage. The psychic weapon is immaterial and only affects creatures with an Intelligence score. It has no effect on nonintelligent creatures or objects, meaning it cannot sunder an opponent’s material weapon, for example. Two psychic weapons affect each other normally. If your psychic weapon is somehow knocked from your grasp or sundered, you can recreate it with another use of this skill.

Special: You can take 10 or take 20 with Psychic Weapon checks. Taking 20 requires 2 full minutes of concentration and costs 60 strain to achieve the best possible result.

Time: Psychic Weapon is a move action. The weapon lasts for 10 rounds (1 minute).

Strain: 6.

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