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Alignment. Chaotic Good
Domains. Life
Divine Rank.

Long ago, in the Dark ages of the gods within Mount Olypmus, there were many great battles between the gods and the titans. This was one of the few titans who had more good in his heart, unlike his brothers and sisters, joined forces with the gods. He was mostly peaceful, but always willing to go out of his way to do good. Long ago, there’s some rumors that he created an entire sub-race of humans (Greeks), and might have been the reason humans managed to survive in such times. He molded them from clay, and as a sort of a joke made them like inferior gods. Puny, tiny, little, mortal, and somewhat interesting. To his amusement, they made a society of their own, and to all the other gods his so-called “Greeks” were like guinea pigs, small and interesting, but lived very short life spans, and were somewhat useless for any practical purposes, living in caves, and eating food here and there. Later, on Mount Olympus, Promethus saw the fire in the Hearth that Hesita was tending to, and had an idea. What if fire din’t just belong to the gods, but to the mortals too? Promethus had grown quite fond of them, and then asked Zeus if the mortals could have fire. Zeus refused, but Promethus still wanted his humans to have fire, to better expand and build their society. And so, he stole fire from the hearth, and brought it down to humankind. He gave them fire, and the mortals were thankful, sacrificing in the gods honor, and praising the gods for giving them fire. Zeus was infuriated by this, and despite gaining a following of worshippers, still punished Promethus for his act, having an eagle eat his liver every day, for millenia. Later, he was forgiven by a demigod son of Zeus, and was released

This titan tends to wander many places, disguised as a human, and often secretly helping humans in more than they every new. He travels around the many largest societies of humankind, and tenderly cares for them, by blessing them, and helping humans grow as a whole.

For the most part, Promethus always looks like a human, typically a traveler, and outlander, a merchant, a preist, rarely anyone of great power, rather looking to be a person of the common folk, and the lucky. While only a few towns ever have a statue of him, he looks after those towns quite well. Every depiction of him is only partially right, as he never appears in his titanly form unless the need arise.

Promethus has only minor connections with the other titans and gods, and for the most part is an isolated hermit that loves humankind. Although Zeus still holds a grudge against Promethus.

A few Greek cities remeber Promethus, and he cares less about worship and beleif in him, so much as helping others with life and troubles.

Story hook; - A friendly NPC is actually Promethus, secretly guiding the Adventurers into dealing with problems that he cannot or something that helps the Adventurers. - (Level 20) Promethus talks to the party directly, speaking of a threat to all of humanity, that divine law forbids him from solving, but the divine law doesn’t effect mortals. He will reward you with a blessing of the human race

Blessing of the human race - (Epic boon), Gain +1 to all stats, and +1 to max of each stat. Gain +8 Max hitpoints, +2 to initiative, and +5ft of movement speed. Gain the ability to cast the canteip “Friends”, on any human target.

Spell - Forge life Cantrip; Diviniation Cating time: 1 minute Range: 5ft Duration: N/A Components: Somatic, Material (Clay, 15lb’s) Create a human being, and choose the following; Weight Age Score stats (Max of 15 per stat) Proficiencies Skills Character class (Max level 1)


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