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Prodigious spellcaster [General]

You were born with the gift of magic. The spells you cast are way more powerful than those of the average magic user, even though you aren't so brilliant in the martial arts.
Prerequisite: 17 in your spell saving throw determining ability (int for mages, cha for sorcerers and so on); this feat can only be chosen as a level one character.
Benefit: You gain a bonus equal to your core ability modifier to the variable part of spells, such as the damage of a fireball or the healing from a heal minor wound effect.
Normal: You use your core stat only to determine the saving throw of your spells.
Special: Since you spent most of your childhood training your magic gift, you aren't proficient with weapons like most people. You gain a -1 on attack and damage rolls with every weapon. This doesn't apply to melee and ranged touch attack though. You can't choose this talent more than once, but it does apply to every class you may have if you do multi-class.

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