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Prestige System V1[edit]

Upon hitting lvl 20 your option of prestige is your very own! Revert back to lvl 1 and keep your physical items but magical items that have to be attuned are lost to the void cause we cant have a lvl 1 with an artifact, stats are also reverted, make sure to use point buy well!

Prestige 1: XP gain increase 25%, point buy now has 30 points instead of 27, gain the ability to have 2 subclasses

Prestige 2: XP gain increase 50%, point buy has 32 points, max stats can now go to 22 instead of 20! Gain the ability of 2 subclasses and one free lvl 1 class Does not require multiclass requirements and increases lvl to overall 21

Prestige 3: XP gain increase 75%, point buy has 34 points, max stats increase to 24, 2 subclasses and lvl 3 in one free class Does not require multiclass requirements and increases lvl to overall 23 -->

DM's may decide how they tackle this, in my current campaign the players receive a book in their inventory, they must sign there name in the book to receive the boost

PS. This is my first upload, if I messed anything up I apologize

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